Justin Buzzards, great article on hot monogamous sex…..grace and honesty about everybody reading porn: David Cooke & CS Lewis, brilliantly reply……

Stephen Covey’s memorial legacy for effectiveness….8 reminders about handling conflict in work or church – get it about email!? and, BRILLIANT practical ways to invite people into disciple-making relationships!

7 poor communication skills to avoid!?, 7 secrets that pastors refuse to tell!, the free-gift of GIMP photo-editing, Mark Driscolls 5 things to ask, when you read your bible.

Tips for talking with others about Jesus…..go on be courageous!

Michael Hyatt’s reasoning behind, the value of working for a bad boss and his poignant logic for keeping a daily journal: another reminder for me to do this better!

Mary deMuth’s great 10 point diagnostic about spiritual abuse and tragically 12 reasons we don’t produce spiritual growth in our churches!

and, a health link that’ll keep you away from the fridge or the munchies!? or from the couch to 5km initiative…!!