So here’s a little of what Sunday taught me…..!

Jesus has irreparably changed the world…His Word exalts, frightens, shocks & forces us to reassess our whole life.
Obscure passages are troublesome, engaging and yet provoke only more depth, hunger and searching……so how did any of you get on with the trickey good steward / unjust manager in Luke 16.  More reflections here.
….didn’t get joy hung this weekend…… *the picture frame that is!!
‘You are my refuge, my portion in the land of the living…….In the depths of our isolation we cry to you, Lord God; give light in our darkness and bring us out of the prison of our despair through Jesus Christ our Lord’……inspired by Psalm 88 goodness.
London 2012 feels like a great triumph……apart from some of the commentary painfulness: here’s a classic from BBC news quote mid-100m final! “Bolt started with all the nimbleness of a wardrobe!”
A gospel ‘P-E-G’ from Acts 18 teaching……in a life of tent-making……..Presence, Explaination & Grace….Let live this out!
Brown rice is a surprisingly good and late healthy discovery! *thanks beloved wife!
Old-style, King James language book-of-common-prayer speak still trips me up…..amusing, but primarily embarassing!