Jeff Haden’s genius article about characteristics of highly charismatic people: top class! Mancini’s great list of 10 top things learned from years of visioneering & NT Wright on how we dialogue theologically!

Tony Morgan’s genuisly insightful reasons that churches get stuck…….a great letter for a discouraged pastor,….or almost anyone for hard days, missional questions, and Henri Nouwen on spiritual dryness and renewed intimacy with God!

The mystery of oikos:  slaying the idol of the nuclear family, another great 3DMuk offering and Pete Scazzero’s helpful Women leadership resources.

Pick, prune, pluck : life’s best lessons, and kingdom living.

In a nod to the Olympics: Michael Phelps should retire, The Olympic power trip, Paul Haywards great journalistic summaryOlympic heroism & playful photo of Bolt near finish!

Malcolm Gladwell on Salazar and the art of being a slacker!,

Unlikely lines from the bible: Mock the week goodness, part one & part two.