There was anticipation and cynicism on a collision course. During the worlds visit to our capital, I served more from our church nave, welcomed, listened, prayed & accompanied people…..and yes wore clerical shirts more than ever! Here’s just a few things that caught my attention in this less-than-ordinary season.

The teenagers lighting an outer layer of copper petals, folding inward like a venus flytrap, igniting the cauldron in a primal blaze…..see these great images
Doing bar-hospitality at the Colin O’Brien photographic launch in our crypt.
Saying hello to Usain Bolt at the Jamaican press conference at Truman Brewery around the corner.
The rythmn of regular evening prayer …..whether there were a few or just a few!
2 Corinthians is incredible and it’s a new place of study and Godward journey for me….
Public reading of scripture has a beautiful capacity and unique power in God to move the human heart….
Wearing my ‘collar’ more,…. as Nat would say, is a stop sign, for people with God!
Watching, listening & accompanying others in prayer,….. grows my own prayer life!
Julie’s animated tv state, esp. during the athletics and perhaps Mo Farah owes just some of his gold-dust to our national-noise-making on his glorious double!
Osmani Centre & live site chaplaincy was utterly stretching, powerful & at times bizarre.
It’s amazing how many people come to linger, read and rummage around open bibles on our coffee tables…….
Humility, brokenness, hopefulness & promise all co-exist in the human heart.
There is such power and opportunity in, welcoming people in Christs name!
More friends and family finding it even more reason to come visit and stay!….a very good thing.
The father’s delight of Bert leClos “……my beautiful son!”

image from London 2012