….here are some of the buzz-group threads from the last couple of days…….. great stuff…..
…anything that cheers on more depth and health in God, has gotta be good!

“Many churches equate discipleship with knowledge…The essence of discipleship is transformation not information.”
“From Judas we learn that knowledge about Christ alone does not result in true discipleship.”
“Leading a ministry that approaches discipleship as merely information and not repentance devalues discipleship and denies the power of the gospel.”
“If a church views discipleship as merely tweaking behavior, then their work is contrary to the content of the gospel and the way of Jesus. Go after hearts. God does not desire to tweak our behavior. He desires to transform our lives.”
“As a church leader your role is not to transform people. You cannot, and it is offensive to God if you believe you can. Your role is to signpost people towards God’s transforming power.”
“If people in our churches graduate from the gospel, they are not advancing to spiritual maturity but rather to lifeless religion, moralistic self-righteousness, or performance-based faith inaccurately called Christian.”

“The disciple-making priority is to help the disciple know–really know–that God loves them….in all areas of life.”
“Disciple-making comes down to love and friendship. Get those two basic things right, and you can make disciples.”
“Disciple-making is not an equipping course on how to do ministry. Disciple-making at its core is learning–and demonstrating–how to relate lovingly to God and others.”
Conflict in a community of believers is not a disruption to the purpose of God but a chance to express his forgiveness, love and compassion.”
“Disciples are best made in the context of a spiritual family. As long as we ignore this fact and choose instead to anchor our disciple-making in programs, we will frustrate the disciples and the disciple.”
Christianity has turned discipling into an educational method through courses, events and talks, rather than a lot of coffees, conversation and making mistakes together! 
“Serving and disciple-making are inseparable.”
Discipleship is, to borrow a phrase from Dietrich Bonhoeffer, life together. 
“Be watchful of conflict and be prepared to train your disciples through it. This is when they can learn some of the most significant life lessons–forgiveness, humility, genuine love, praying with intensity, not spreading gossip, being patient. Don’t waste these moments.”

Here’s some of the shared whole-life-discipleship resources:- Imagine what it will take to change the UK, including ppt slides, and What will it take for me to get there?, including ppt  slides. Images kindly provided by James