++Rowan Williams, The Lions World: 5 stars.

Clarity and creativity are fused with imagination and interpretation in this sweep of Narnia. Rowan William’s insight & writing are majestic. There is freshness and warmth to the underbelly of this beautiful new work. The lightness of touch must not disguise the depth of incision, with a poetic and gracious twist:- “Being told your story doesn’t compel your assent!” Themes are movingly gathered and wisely explored here.

In The Lion’s World, Aslan is taken as an orthodox read-across from Jesus. The depiction of Aslan the Lion lets us sense afresh “what the experience of God is ‘like’”, shedding delusion & falsehood. “Transcendence is the wildness of joy; and the truth of God becomes a revolution against what we have made of ourselves.”

This will certainly become a classic for lives enriched by the power of Narnia. This is brought together attractively in a new format SPCK volume with enhancing artwork brought to us by Monica Capoferri. Probing, provocative & a sheer pleasure!