Pastoral help – for a hospital visit, 300 word summary of the bible!, scriptures for every preacher: before, during & after a preach! great motive checker from Dave Kraft, how to read the bible from Jeff Bethke, Perry Noble on what ‘fried leadership’ looks like? & a stunning article from Paul Tripp on preaching thats more than mediocre!

Paul Scanlon’s brilliant take on 1 Peter 2 v 9-10: You are chosen! And whatever is thrown at you, comes against you, or contrives to make you feel small: never doubt, that you are chosen!

Making Disciples: implication from successive approximations, by Charles Ridley.

The best, ok most popular TED talks in the last ten years! 

There may be 62 pieces of lego for every person in the world: wonderful fact, but moreso is the chasing, beckoning grace of God! Beautiful writing by Ann Voskamp

A giggle with a point! horrible histories meets theology, minus the Holy Spirit!