Ok, add this to the best reads of the year!
Epic stuff here from Brian Zahnd. Beauty Will Save the World, is incredibly impressive on so many levels. The core ideas are not brought by treatises, statements of doctrine, or argumentation. The book uses stories, and insightful metaphors. It is an invitation to see through a new lens.
Zahnd writes with a passion, depth & inspiration. Zahnd calls us back to the beauty of the cruciform through his great use of story both current and historical. This isn’t a warm, fuzzy, make you feel good book, but one that is deeply challenging and calls us into a more intimate and real walk with God. It is a breath of fresh air which kindles hope and new imagination. Memorable, fresh and compelling stuff.

Some of my favourite quotes……
“The beauty that saves the world is the cross.”
“Instead of angry protesters shaking our fists at a secular culture, we should be joyful singers transforming the secular with the sacred.”
“Christianity as the ongoing expression of the Jesus story lived out in the lives of individuals and in the heart of society is a beauty that can redeem the world.”
“The cross is the beauty of Christianity because it is at the cross that we encounter co-suffering love and costly forgiveness in its most beautiful form.”
“When we lose sight of the subtle beauty of the cruciform we become seduced by the power, prestige, and pragmatism of politics.”
“Christ persuades, not by the force of Caesar, but by the beauty of love.”
“If Christ can transform the Roman instrument of execution into a thing of beauty, there is hope that in Christ all things can be made beautiful.”