……..in our holiness!
so here’s some exerpts that have started to inspire and challenge, in equal measure:- from Kevin DeYoung’s newest writing:- The Hole in Our Holiness

“Not only is holiness the goal of your redemption, it is necessary for your redemption. Now before you sound the legalist alarm, tie me up by my own moral bootstraps, and feed my carcass to the Galatians, we should see what Scripture has to say. . . . It’s the consistent and frequent teaching of the Bible that those whose lives are marked by habitual ungodliness will not go to heaven. To find acquittal from God on the last day there must be evidence flowing out of us that grace has flowed into us.” p26

“The world provides no cheerleaders on the pathway to godliness.” p38

“Expecting perfection from ourselves or others is not what holiness is about.” p66

“One of the main motivations for obedience is the pleasure of God. If we, in a well-intentioned effort to celebrate the unimpeachable nature of our justification, make it sound as though God no longer concerns himself with our sins, we’ll put a choke on our full-throttle drive to holiness. God is our heavenly Father. He has adopted us by his grace. He will always love his true children. But if we are his true children we will also love to please him. It will be our delight to delight in him and know that he is delighting in us.” p74

“To run hard after holiness is another way of running hard after God.” p123

“You shouldn’t take your spiritual temperature every day. You need to look for progress over months and years, not by minutes and hours.” p138

“Sincere biblical repentance is as much a work of grace as not sinning in the first place. To err is human, to make progress is divine.” p144

“A dying world needs you to be with God more than it needs you to be ‘with it.’ ……… Your friends and family, your colleagues and kids — they don’t need you to do miracles or transform civilization. They need you to be holy.” p144–145

“Holiness is the sum of a million little things — the avoidance of little evils and little foibles, the setting aside of little bits of worldliness and little acts of compromise, the putting to death of little inconsistencies and little indiscretions, the attention to little duties and little dealings, the hard work of little self-denials and little self-restraints, the cultivation of little benevolences and little forbearances.” p145