I still love making my bride her first cuppa of the day!
Still giggling that my ebay trading yesterday was more unspectacular that the transfer deadline the day before!
Humbled again at the challenge of holding out the word of life: Choosing God, means choosing people!  This is a call to inconvenience:- To love God unreservedly, to love people unconditionally, and to live life unselfishly.

Shaun’s book – ‘a book of sparks!’ …has a great angle on so much….“our culture has given us double-glazed eyes and selective hearing!!”

Chris Russell’s genius book: Ten Letters, is a big impact read, and I’ve not read anything so slowly for such a while and such rich, brilliant theology.
Affirmation from Erin’s preach about imagio deo. “God knows beauty is more beautiful when it has a touch of the absurd to it!” and from Voltaire:- “If God created us in his own image, we have more than reciprocated.”
And yet another prayerful hopefulness with-and-for my Julie’s Arsenal;- and washed down by another pouch of malteasers!