“But his mother told the servants, do whatever he tells you.”

Jesus, so simple, so fully of impact and so difficult!  Some of the best theology reveals:- God initiates, we respond. So God, help me to listen well…help me to respond well.

Help me to confess and repent when I don’t respond well. Help me to all I can lead by you and seeking to honour you.

1. Do…be a person of action…go beyond respecting, admiring, appreciating, (even believing) what Jesus tells me and do it as a simple act of faith and obedience, believing. Be a doer, not just a hearer!
2. Whatever…He is Lord, not me. I don’t want to be selective in deciding what part of His word I humbly respond or intentionally ignore. It ain’t no pick-and-choose.
3. He…I hear lots of  volume: lots of voices, but the most important voice is His. Lord, teach me to live and minister before an “audience of one.” Allow me to hear your voice above all else!
4. Tells me… its far too easy to fall into comparisons. I am not ultimately responsible for what He tells others, only what he tells me. Peter made this mistake in John 21 and received a stern rebuke from Jesus.

so, What has Jesus said to you recently and what you have you done with it?