…that might bless your world!?

Jeremiah Burrows, a grumbling spirit and summarised Puritan wisdom!

insight from Billy Graham from way-back, about right now….. prophetic wisdom! a great leader does some of these things….?!, and David Cooke’s brilliant post on what to do when you’re in the wilderness….. 

How your preaching can hurt the churchclean-or-unclean: the revolutionary touch of Jesus through the local church!, who’s your theologian really……?!, David Powlinson’s take on the complex-simplicity of sanctification, and is church planting the most effective strategy?,

time management and lots of practical help and how church staff management could be so much more…..  5 ways to stop procrastinating…..and yes: start with the most difficult jobs first! Ways to help those who are grieving & its  all-around general good pastoral wisdom!

The great thing about abiding is that it gives your heart and mind time to think and feel! Jo Saxton so helpfully here on John 15 ……and the joy of being twitter-followed by the Holy Spirit! 😉