Blaine Hogan’s work of creative genius: ‘untitled’ free here, Bill Hybels recent Leadership Summit 6 x 6 plan – well applied by Mary deMuth, Chloe’s brilliant navigation of silence, solitude and stillness, reasons to underprogram your church!, and before you criticise your pastor!

Tim Keller’s detail and definition about the gospel, Pete Scazzero’s interview about the leaders emotional stability and the inner self, and Nehemiah’s 5 Steps for Handling Conflict,

From Brian McClaren’s newest work:- “We are increasingly faced with a choice, I believe, not between kindness and hostility, but between kindness and nonexistence. This is the choice we must make, the road we must cross.”

Giles Fraser & Greenbelt friends on faith in action, What the Puritans teach us about counselling, Jason Clark’s article on why we should bother with theology, and secure leaders always serve!

Howard Wolowitz sums up 25 years of storage! be willing to be disrupted strategically!, Unity, diversity and anglican learnings because of  Southwark cricket…… and seasonal anticipation………in how many days!?