often when I prepare to communicate, another important tool I use is called Heady : Hearty : Handy. As I’m preparing my notes each time I try to process these three significant questions:

What do I sense God wants people to know? (head)
What do I sense God wants people to feel? (heart)
What do I sense wants people to do? (hands)

so, if your teaching is head and heart but lacks hands, it gives people information and motivation, but fails to provide direction as to what to do with what they just heard. The purpose of teaching is to listen to God and to challenge peopleto respond appropriately to Him.

If your teaching is head and hands but lacks heart, they leave with a sense of obligation to “do something” but are left uninspired and fail to understand why this is important. This can be breed legalism where people act because they ‘should’ do something.

and, if your teaching is heart and hands but lacks head knowledge, people could leave with little knowledge or context, dangerously encouraging people to simply “follow their heart” without any sure footing or theological anchors. This is usually how wonky thinking begins!

….so hold head, heart & hands together!