Catalyst inspired – Authentic leadership livingways to ruin your sermon: ‘cos it still is the most defining church-quality!? David Westlake on humility & development worktheological essay-writing wisdom and Tullian Tchividjian on divorce, suffering, grace & freedom. 

Heartbreaking local church truth: from a pastor’s wife, Mumford & Sons gorgeous track: I will waitwhen comparison replaces contentment, when happy trumps holy?, Tim Keller’s overview of reaching the citiesEye-opening truth-telling:- seven common comments non-Christians make about Christians, Seven characteristics of a lifeless church, funeral planning helps and what ‘pharisee’s’ like to do!

Neil Hudson great LICC video on negotiating pastoral care vs pastoral equipping, Jonny Baker’s brilliant ‘may you’ worship-trick, what keeps leaders from lovingEd Stetszer’s thoughts about the bloggers out there!, writing help on how to get more out of your rough draftsDonald Millers gutsy guide to writing that book,….. and in the words of Andy Stanley: “There’s a monumental difference in believing in God and believing God.” Beware!