from Paul David Tripp.
Not only a great name (!!)…….but a man of substance, wisdom and blessing for the church worldwide. A role-model in pastoral ministry, and a mentor through his writing. I cant wait for his next book coming soon…… in anticipation, here’s a freebie sampler!

“Many of us respond to grace like the child who plays with the box instead of the gift. We settle for information when transformation is promised.”

“Defeat, discouragement, anger, fear, and frustration will always result when you look to people and things to be your own personal messiah.”

“What I could not earn, Jesus earned. What I could not defeat, Jesus defeated. What I could not bear, Jesus bore. He is my solitary hope.”

“Jesus has promised to meet your needs. He hasn’t promised to supply all those cravings you’ve mistakenly told yourself are needs.”

or as Chloe writes it brilliantly: ” I have to say some Nos to things which are good and joy-bringing, because I want to say the right and fullest Yes, the Amen to what he has purposed in Christ!”

,……’s to this abundant, radical dangerous calling!