Robert Farrar Capon said, “We dance under the banner of God’s desire.”

What a beautiful and true image. Desire is prayer. The desire to pray is prayer. The desire to desire to pray is like an ocean of love to God that moves mountains. From the outset, whether we know it or not, we are taken into God’s desire that we might learn to trust our own. Bach composed his music to “Jesu, the joy of man’s desiring.” This counterintuitive journey of life in Christ is not easily learned inside institutional structures that often teaches us to deny and distrust our desires.

We are formed in and through desire. Perhaps this is why George MacDonald, the Scottish writer, preacher, and spiritual father to C.S. Lewis once said, “If there be any meaning to the incarnation, it is through the human that we climb up to the divine.” As it turns out the pathway to God was the one we least expected – our own humanity. It’s a wild twist, but avoiding our humanity, especially the most vulnerable forms of humanity, always leads us away from God and lures us more deeply into self-made illusions of God that do so much harm. Isnt a wonder that Jesus came to us in the flesh?