*none of them being my words!

I get so tired of all this…..
God didn’t show up when I asked him to…..
Can Arsenal ever be a consistent force in the premiership…..?
The door didn’t work cause you had sellotape over the lock!
Books are rather boring surely you don’t really read like…..whole books?
I’ll seal up the floors and skirting boards to eliminate those Eastend rodents!!
No-one is all right or all wrong…..
Ok you might be right about tears being good….God does meet me in my weakness….
Jesus is good on theory but can I really trust him?
I can’t really imagine living on less than £70k a year…!!?
When you did that talk a couple of weeks ago about being like Jesus, I resolved to work that out in my life….how might it work in this part of my life…?
The children will be sick with all this Halloween chocolate….
I’m more open to the Holy Spirits life,…..and I know I’m being changed!
It’s Alpha goodness and its Anne’s great cooking again!
You mean a cosmic God wants to steer, guide and inspire my life!?
Thanks for living like the Christian faith isn’t something dull!