Paul Tripp is a pastor-mentor. I’ve never met the man: but through his writing and video’s like this! waoooooh…….how good, and how true……and what a moustache and frames too!!

He’s not just talking about problems for pastors, though he is talking much more.
We drive leaders into hiding.
We engage with scripture without it’s full effect on our lives.
We need communities of disciple-making and pastoral care not just place to train leaders.
We need to be interested in other peoples lives. We need to love deeply!

We’re all sinners. We’re all in the middle of being-changed. None of us are the finished article!

We can all-too-easily live with a huge disconnect between our public persona and our private lives.
……..yet, God has decided to use unfinished people. And that’s very good news.
As I hear Paul Tripp’s story, I can relate to his story and my own emotions. I feel my own struggles, my failing to fully honour God and serve sacrificially. Each day I need to fight to look to Christ and know His life through me. 

Yet I’m not a lost cause!! I’m being changed and Christ loves through me, weak and flawed as I am.

I am unfinished. And the blood of Jesus never fails.

I have such reason for joy!