In great opening words….. as the Archbishop designate, Justin Welby +Bishop of Durham, spoke compassionately, widely and inspiringly. He tweets in a wry manner…..

Justin Welby ‏@Bishopofdurham
Just heard of protest call to Lambeth at appointment of a woman as ABC. Am spelt Justin, not Justine. No agenda, just a matter of fact.

His daughter’s tweet is particularly cute!
Katharine Welby ‏@KatharineWelby
Ed Miliband tweeted about my dad. That’s odd. I think. But what do I know? I am just the daughter with a passion for tea cosies.

and from yesterday,….

Justin Welby ‏@Bishopofdurham
St Gabriel Sunderland, lesson read by 92 yr old veteran of Burma railway, courage and dignity. Full church, thankful for what we have now.

Long-may Lambeth permit free and full personal opinions!