Totally Forgiving God by RT Kendall, from Hodder & Stoughton is another one of my recent reads…… R. T. Kendall here suggests we need to forgive God for all the times we feel he’s let us down. This seeks to wrestle with mystery and unresolved pain. Yet, we need to be cautious with RT’s definition of forgiveness in this third of his ‘forgiveness trilogy’, as it could lead us to complicated tiresome paths that could lead us away from an orthodox and healthy understanding of forgiveness.

God is not some sort of personalized-genie that is needful of my pronounced forgiveness. God is perfect and just yet our life-wearied hearts often hold bitterness toward him. We do need to let those struggles, pains and bitterness’s go and trust God. It’s a trust-matter. It remains a matter of belief in the eternal goodness of our never changing God!

Kendall understands that God does not need to be forgiven. He doesn’t need our pardon or our making right, and so the title is the chief obstacle in this new work. Because we live in a fallen and broken world, because we agonize over suffering, and because of our limited knowledge; we become angry with God. David’s laments and wrestles with God give us much encouragement and example in this regard, but what most needs to be let god is our own transpositions, struggles and pain that mars the image of God. For it is in our daily repentance and faith that we each can know the grace, beauty and freedom of life in God.

Forgiveness, done and sealed in the cross. Much aside from the title, this has much to offer, in RT’s fulsome trademark pastoral insight and keen theological observation. Here we are refashioned and signposted well by the grace of God in renewed pathways of life.