On Saturday as Stepney curates: those in east London, we had a journey to the wilds of north London, for a great day of input from James Lawrence and +Adrian Newman. We explored leadership as extensively as the limitation of time permitted….here are some of the best bits!

Leadership is complex and messy!
“The Judaeo-Christian tradition provides the longest continuous source of reflections on leadership in the whole of human history.” + Stehen Croft
The John 10 and Ezekiel 34 shepherd-leader metaphors are worth more study and reflection.
Suffering, service and sacrifice are all part of the territory.
It is a costly and it is a glorious calling….
Don’t default to a false dichotomy between pastoral and missional.
Church is organism before it is ever organization…..so health and growth really matter.
Be aware of performance indicators,….as well as prophetic markers!
No gospel and no leadership skills…… means a cafe! *Chris’s words!
Be clear about the difference between ministry and leadership.
We all have character issues…….11 of the 14 qualities in the 1 Timothy criteria for ministry are character based.
“Leadership is ultimately a mystery which no one fully understands.” John Adair
Do we ever ask…..“what does Jesus want for our church?”
Generational differences are a substantive factor in managing expectations in church leadership.
Intense humility and personal resolve are the hallmarks of category 5 leaders.
‘Balcony time’ is needed to see whats-what…. this thinking time is critical…..
Church of England Criterion F, in selection around leadership and collaboration are critical to growing and increase in…..
Hold the difference between public, personal and private life……for when the Holy Spirit blows, your truest life will be seen.
“Whatever we sow in the hidden places of our personal life we will reap in the public domain of our leadership.” Henry Cloud.
It’s well and good to believe for others, but never stop believing in a gospel of hope and transformation for myself.
Attitude, loyalty, service, passion for the best and thankfulness are vital in ‘second-chair’ leadership.
1 Thessalonians 5v18-20 doesnt say we should be thankful FOR all circumstances, but that we should be thankful IN all circumstances!
You and I will never move beyond our capacity to serve!
You cant change people, but you can create environments where people can change.
……and leading as a curate…… observe reality, identify your rhythmns, establish good habits, keep on learning and end well.
Last words…….last! exit with grace….