…… lead to a disordered world.

Because of ignorance and wrong desire, we have thoroughly disordered our lives and made a mess of the world. Disordered love generates disordered lives, and disordered lives generate disordered families, and disordered families generate disordered communities, and disordered communities generate disordered cities, and disordered cities generate disordered states and nations, and disordered states and nations produce a disordered world, just like the one we have today. Our disordered love and disordered lives are the roots, then, of our disordered world, all directed in feverish devotion to the discovery of the happy life. We should have known better by now about the futility of our efforts directed to this blessed end.

Reordered Love, Reordered Lives: Learning the Deep Meaning of Happiness: David K. Naugle