Five things learnt…..from Jonny Baker in pioneer ministry leadership, Stanley Hauweraus engages us with the mystery of Advent in our impatient age, and Church growth – it’s all about the pastor/leader right? 

++John of York’s farewell speech to ++Rowan at SynodTeach our hearts, Holy Spirit: ++Rowans synod meditation from 20.xi.2012, +Steven of Sheffields great diocesian response, +Stephen of Chelmsfords “I am sorry….”  Vicky Beeching – Jesus was a feminist and so am I, +Tom Wright on Women Bishops: It’s about the Bible, not fake ideas of progress, Hannah Mudge’s brilliant summary here,…. diversity of view without division,Krish on Grace, truth and Synod and Ian Paul’s great article about what the decision about women bishops really means.

Priorities, entitlement, resentment and popularity: are 4 temptations that leaders face!, This thankful rap, is a fun-intro about Margaret Feinbergs new Wonderstruck book: I’ve loved the advance copy-read. Preaching preparation in a busy age5 ways to battle insecurity in a leader, 10 discipleship confusion’s that creep into small group life,  Sanctification and ‘broken glory’ – how about more than shards?! from Chloe Lynch and David Cooke on why to plant churches,