Some years ago Basil King wrote a book called, ‘The Conquest of Fear.’ He prefaced the book with these words:

“When I say that during most of my life I have been the prey of fear, I take it that I am expressing the case of most people. I cannot remember the time when a dread of one kind or another was not in the air. In childhood it was the fear of going to bed; later it was the fear of school; later still a feeling of dismay at the amount of work to be done before night. And then there’s the mother afraid for her children, the executive afraid for the business, the clerk afraid for his job. And there’s the fear of failure, the fear that someone will do us harm, and the fear that we may lose what we love most. In one form or another, fear dogs every one of us.”

All of us get frightened sometimes. Jesus sensed this and consequently spoke to this in His life on earth. The words fear, anxious, troubled, fretful, afraid were often in His speech, “Fear not,” “Fret no more,” “Don’t be anxious,” “Let not your hearts be troubled,” and “Don not be afraid.” He spoke words like this often because He saw lots of fears and anxieties in the lives of those He loved. But then along comes Christmas with the great promise that calms our fears and enables us to celebrate life. Emmanuel. “God is with us.”

It’s a game-changer….