from my world…….

I’m surely no athlete, but only drink red top milk.

I only follow less-than-200 twitter peeps on purpose!

I enjoy great chocolate but still default to common-old-popping Terry’s Chocolate Orange!

I get mildly ocd about the toilet roll coming from the top, not….. you get it?!

Reading books still necessitates real books with real pages and real capacity to mark, annotate and fold: still not kindle convinced!

I still love bacon or any other meat based meal. 

The great glass elevator ride, the fastest in London at Duck & Waffle, remains on my desired-eat list!

I still don’t get twitter……… I lost 50+ followers when I declared my support of womens ministry, lost 12 followers when I posted a photo of eucharistic candle supplies (go-figure) and ironically my most popular post was my take on synod activity.

This new year will probably see less blog-writing. I’ll probably post three times a week…and ever-improving quality! Wishing you a great 2013 . . .