……in reply to my cyberpal supersimbo’s invitation, this was some of my Christmas. It involved far too much pace, perhaps not enough quiet and medium amounts of gluttony!

More home-making adventures with Julie: and real-tree goodness. The three-meat Christmas roast was particularly good!

Just-about recovery from all the pre-Christmas services: overdosing particularly on singing ‘Silent Night.’

Seeing the joy of my children’s present opening: brilliant although all-too-short times with Noah & Esther.

Enjoying the store of dreams: Apple at Covent Garden with Noah!

The giving and receiving of slippers: I received high-end quality slippers,….as I am of that age and particular need!

Manly fire-making exploits! (with not a firelighter in sight!)

Reading the provocative Richard Beck in the bath-tub in the countryside!

Some really special firsts with family and friends

Delightful times with food friends, eating, and walking and eating….

The last surge of books being given: the joy of amazon voucher spending!

More lazy moments in our favourite village ,…..and how was yours?!