Where do Artaban and Paul’s call to be ambassadors of Christ converge: my morning preach!
Reusing recyclable disposable paper cups really is a false economy.
Wonderful to welcome guests today who’d made new year resolutions to connect with God, and came to church!!
Also great to have Christmas service attendees, come back for more.
An invitation from the Magi in Epiphany 2013: be wise in the spirit, spacious in your living and  focussed in faith.
From this afternoons POT / IME 4-7 essay writing goodness;  Henri Frederick Amiel said, “You desire to know the art of living, my friend? It is contained in one phrase: make use of suffering.”
Watching Julie’s team is always a stressful. Come on Arsene retire gracefully, and lets get on with it!
For ‘the beauty of your saving grace’…… I remain forever thankful!
……for the brutality of Syria, the ongoing unrest of Northern Ireland: God of miraculous power, merciful intervention and never ending hope, we pray…..
The story of Artaban really is a ripper!
More than the last of the brussell sprouts: what did you seek and find today in your journey of faith?