“It is often when we’re swallowed up in God that we find our true selves.

We discover our true identity, not as do-ers but as be-ers. Our tasks in this life boil down to: ‘Be still, and know that I am God.’ Indeed, this is why many of us avoid silence and solitude–because our self-identities are bound up in our busy-ness.

We’re consumed with managing our lives, maintaining friendships, and loving our families. We may be doing all of this in an effort to love God, to do God’s will (or is it to earn our salvation?!), but back in the recesses of our minds, we know that if we slow down long enough and become quiet long enough, all these things, tasks, events, and doings will recede in importance. Where then will we find identity? Although it’s a frightening prospect to lose the things that give us meaning, the spiritual masters promise we’ll find, in our silence, a meaning more profound than we could ever imagine.”

            Tony Jones, from The Sacred Way.