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Here’s my weekend preach in outline.
It’s been great digging into this lesser-known book of the bible and seeing it connected with other parts of biblical narrative and how to worship and connect with God in our living, just where you are. 

For me Ezra 3 powerfully addresses disappointment, priorities and worship!

God’s hand in the Ezra story, shows us….
The release of the captives, 1 v 1 – 4
The return of the remnant, 1 v 5 — 2 v 70
and the rebuilding of the temple, 2 v 68 — 3 v 13

Ezra 3 is a call, to Build Up What Was Broken Down

1. A New Dedication—Rebuild the altar. Ezra 3 v 1-6 & Micah 7 v 18.
2. A New Obedience—Relaid the foundations Ezra 3 v 7-9.
3. A New Priority—Resolved to praise the Lord. Ezra 3 v 10-11.

Surrender your memories and your dreams to the Lord.
Accept your present situation as from the Lord.
Resolve to obey God right where you are.
Praise God for his (all-time) goodness.

and for response after: listen to this!

photo by Rebecca Saunders