….reminds me of the local church.

Tonight our date night had a twist: with unused tickets for the Emirates thanks to my brother-in-law, Julie and I shared time in the North Stand, willing on a win for Julie’s team. Thanks honey! 
Here’s some parallels that struck me afresh…. 

Anticipation and approach can be full of optimism and loyalty.
The pace in both settings can be variable and too pedestrian at times…..and it can get cold!
There’s not enough consistency to warrant brilliance, at what we’re called to be.
The language can be technical and at times colourful!
The options and possiblities are endless and only limited by human falibility.
20% or less do most of the work! The majority on the pitch and in the church are passive spectators.
Attitudes there are in plentious fashion: spoken about, seethed or sulked
Throw-away looks can say so very much. More than many words…..
Connection and community with strangers gathered around a common cause is incredible
Acapella singing always wins on the terrace, but I suppose more than sixty thousand voices helps….
The drinks during are varied and if curious standard…. but Bovril!? (to be outlawed, along with marmite!)
The outcomes are often unpredictable and nervy
Anger, frustration and other emotions lie just under the surface
…and when things go beautifully, seeing the action again and in slow motion replay is always wonderful!
Those that wear black are often questioned and challenged, for the times they get it wrong.
Tension can give way to ecstasy; fear can give way to gladness, everso quickly….
A few sensational minutes can be a game-changer! ditto in our gatherings!
To the crowds there will always be favourites; just as there are in the church
Energy, passion and heart…..mark those of a different spirit!
Most people sit in the same place, with the same scowls, rugs and other associated goodies. Do you recognise?!

One of the ‘motivational statements’ at the Arsenal is from Kevin Campbell;- “Sometimes there’s nothing better in life than being a gooner!” Whatever our team loyalty: Let’s continue to dream of  new ways to captivating many for the cause of Jesus in this world!