are some of my greatest places of enjoyment.
there’s always a few on the go. I love to reflect and quickly scribbling up review thoughts.
more than this, I love to scribble, mark, fold and write up the provocations, stirrings and tangents that get stirred by reading the words of another.

……but just in case people think I’m all 4 or 5 star reviews (critic’s have questioned this) here’s proof of that not being the case! Joel Osteen is in the hair-pins now! It’s the horror of his newest product: ‘I declare’. It was a review copy given, not a purchase!

Such radiant teeth are hard to take seriously on a book cover, but I didn’t let that put me off! Joel Osteen here in his newest merchandise proposes a power, blessing and health, that is illusionary. While the bible writer James records the faithful impact of our words in cautionary and balanced terms, Osteen gives this an unbiblical upgrade that has all the synthetics of prosperity theology.

31 ‘power’ proclamations are included in this book of month long offerings. I question this book substantively, for despite its many words it is entirely ‘word of God’ light! Phrases like, “I’m believing for explosive blessings.” is far from reality, or faith! God’s calling is not just, “success, victory and abundance.”but rather peace, joy and the Holy Spirit.

The book promises five minutes invested will equate to great and amazing blessings. Alluring attitudes they may be, but this is not authentic faith. Beware.

1 star