In our lectionary reading today Matthew 8 v 23-27, we meet the Messiah in the storm. The big idea for me is this:- No matter what the storm may be, Jesus will always see us through.

This passage comforts us with the knowledge that there will always be storms. Experience and preparedness do not make us immune to the storms. Preparation is good; experience is wonderful, but storms will still come our way. Moreover, we also learn that storms in life can be fierce. The storms of life will shake us to our core and challenge us to the limit.

This passage communicates that reaction is everything, see v 25-26There are two completely different reactions to this storm. The reaction of fear or of faith.  In the midst of this violent storm, the disciples reacted in fear. They over-reacted to the situation and allowed their fear to consume them.

Instead of worry and fear, Jesus responded by taking a siesta. Ability to sleep during trouble was often a sign of faith in GodThe Greeks praised those who could maintain a serene attitude during a storm.

Psalms 4 v 8 records:- “In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, O Lord, will keep me safe.”

Instead of reacting to the storm, Jesus responded to their lack of faith. The disciples have faith, but it isn’t functioning properly. Jesus calls them to understand more clearly who he is and then act on this. True faith will enable us to trust in God’s care even when the circumstances do not look promising. Just as Jesus invites that we express our love for God by trusting him for material provision, he invites that we trust him for safety. Faith enables us to move through the storms knowing calm through it all.

Reacting by fear will only bring us more trouble.
It will not lessen the storm.
It will not increase our faith.
It will not bring us closer to God.
It will not solve anything!

However, a response of faith will cause the storm to work in our favour.
It will cause our faith to be strengthened.
It will cause our character to grow.
It will cause others to be strengthened
It will enable us to deal with the storm.

Faith in Jesus’ authority flows from conviction concerning his true identity. We need to ask ourselves, in the midst of our storm, “do we really believe that Jesus is who he claimed to be?”

Storms will happen.
Reaction is everything.
Realisation of Jesus identity is the key.

I don’t know what storm you’re facing today, however this is what I hold onto with all my heart:-
Jesus is bigger than your storm, and mine!
Jesus will never allow your storm to destroy you
Jesus grants the faith to endure the storm
Jesus gives you the authority to overcome your storm
so, what will you do in the middle of the storm!?