iDisciple sessions 4 & 5 with Gordon Mac Donald.

what does being a person of influence look like?
Live respectfully of what God loves……
How are you and I visibly pursuing Jesus?!
Mentors really matter!
sharing life, faith and influence: involving vulnerability, failure and struggle.
Generations raised up in a continuous flow of God for the cause of Jesus in this life.
‘insufficient depth proportionate to numbers’ JRW Stott
we’ve got to not be as concerned with engagement but maturity!
‘the desperate need is not intelligent, or gifted people….but deep people!’ Richard Foster
“…..we don’t need textbooks but text-people!” AJ Heschel
Most congregations need just a few saints: ’emanicipate these souls from the blur of the mediocre!’ Martin Thornton
Cultivate deep people!
How do we call out the brightest and the best!?
rationale: make a big investment in training – for it’s less expensive than problem-solving!
Jesus with crowds, mobs and groupies:- He didn’t try to attract them, He didn’t trust their motives, He viewed them with compassion, He taught them with stories, He had doubts about volunteers, He preferred time with small groups, and he often made people angry!
Jesus and the rabbinic contract. It was a 100 year movement: it had a long-range view! Perhaps the most important things happen beyond our life…..legacy-factor!
the core message of Jesus was love: rooted in matters of the heart.
build community – the great flag of the gospel to which we are committed!
release – no longer servants: but friends!
Revised strategy of continuity in ministry: 7-12 years minimum in context.
Are you and I truly letting people up close?
MacDonald’s discipleship model for yearly cohorts:- Necessitated 20% of his time with 20 people, as a top leadership endorsement, seen as top-priority, team-taught, 40 Mondays per year, selectees – not volunteers, high-bar covenants, the practice of dialogue, weekend evaluation at the end, couples not sat beside each other, home-based, and with clear start-and-end points.
As Paul to Timothy: all with the goal of shaping the best and future generations in the kingdom of God.

Katie Garner’s photographic talent.