iDisciple session 2 & 3 was an impactful exploration of leading from a healthy soul. Hosted by Mindy Calguire

Regenerated souls become more and more alive, or not.
Don’t ignore your deepest questions.
Is ministry happening out of drudgery or increasing resentment?
Insanity of load and capacity is rampant in Christian leaders.
What does your interior critic say?
How do you answer?
One of the costs of serving Jesus should not be our vitality with Jesus.
John 15 v 5 esp. part b of the verse.
All of the language of Jesus is about connection!
The dark appeal of selfish drivenness…..
The describers of soul neglect versus soul health
What are we voting for each day?
Fruits of the spirit are the result of something else…..not just working them up.
Leadership is inevitable: leadership is dangerous.
Prayer isn’t meant to evoke guilt and frustration – rather its about keeping in touch.
To overcome in Christ doesn’t mean necessarily a change of circumstances.
The life of the spirit is a life of connection!
The availability of the kingdom is now. Hearing and engaging the now and not yet: hearing the present and the eternal matters.
What is needed for my soul to thrive?
The good news is that God is the restorer of souls?
Lie down in green pastures: says Psalm 23,……lie down or else God may force us to lie down!
Depletion happens,
Restoration happens

…….so what best nurtures your soul?

Notice that real connection to God touches on all area of our lives: whole life discipleship!
“The soul is what integrates all aspects of our personhood”. cf Dallas Willard
Don’t fix the perimeter; attend to the soul.
Your souls wellbeing drives everything that matters to you.
Our soul is to be profusely rooted in the vastness of God and of His Kingdom.
Caring for your soul remains your greatest priority in this life.
Our inner self is always becoming.
We have a lot of exhausted Christians who arn’t like Jesus or joyful!
Spiritual disciplines are the intentionality of time and space carved out to be aware and responsive to the ongoing work of God.
God and I are at the table working on me!
God does not move into my soul uninvited!
We can so often be defended against grace, love and God.
Spiritual disciplines are anything that helps my soul settle down!
We can do lengthy quiet times, but never actually stop to be with God.
Learn to rest and receive from God.
Silent prayer – ‘a wordless way of resting, in the presence of God, with an attitude of openness, contrition and longing.’ Growing life and attentiveness
Inward prayer – cf Thomas Kelly:’the seen realm is not most important!’
Spiritual friendship – dont be disconnected. Learn how to be a peer.
The degree of our isolation is the degree of the danger we face.
Don’t skew this as a woman’s only topic! It matters: it’s a battle!