(my headline scribbles) from the first session of the iDisciple conference today. James Emery White opened with a stormer, on ‘becoming the transformers of culture!’ prophetically and challengingly ranging back to the enlightenment and forward as to the kind of church we need to be!

If you care about people being born: you must care about how they’re raised! That’s discipleship!
To what are we discipling people into?
Reach and disciple is built into the great commission.
We are overwhelmed by data, and deficient in wisdom.
Live out the mission of Jesus, in terms of the least and the lost!
The call is to be more like Jesus and the key is obedience.
If obedience is missing we have gutted the gospel of discipleship impact.
If we’re not salty Christians; we are creating an impotent church.
Terrifyingly only 31%of Christians in the 2011 UK census actually believe in the resurrection, as interpreted by Theos.
There are failed approaches of retreat, revival, recapture and reflecting culture.
Beware of the fixation of our Christian cultural insecurity. As Christians we cling more to Bono more than Bonhoeffer!!
Loving discipleship is the ultimate apologetic in this era.
Church has the worst reputation of loving relationships!
Be winsome compelling apologists.
The goal is renewal through creating and cultivating culture!
A reformation idea, that renews the lost sense of vocation & the lost art of evangelism.
Whites working definition of evangelism;- “how much do you have to hate someone not to save their life!?”
Until we have one life reaching out to another, we will never change the world!
Discipleship that doesn’t reach out in evangelism: isn’t discipleship.
‘They shared the gospel like it was gossip over the backyard fence!’ Michael Green
Beware of passivity in all of life.
Mathetes is dynamic and active.
Exploring the great string of “one another’s” in scripture.
The ‘spiritual life is first of all life!’ Thomas Merton
Are we learning an increased love of others?
Environments that shape cultures of discipleship
1 practical teaching
2 personal spiritual disciplines
3 gift mix
4 relationships
5 the mind
The kingdom is meant to come!
Real Christians are meant to radical!
The danger in this age is that we do nothing!
We have to inspire people towards discipleship!
Don’t make small groups a test of orthodoxy! Beware!
Gift development means getting people into the game!
….so what runs through your veins as a leader!?