Here’s some of the things that have stuck from a couple of dense conference days earlier this week. I spent my training budget on attending iDisciple and got stirred up on many things! Simon BenhamSue Ranger and the wider team on behalf of Willow Creek UK served us really well at Kerith Community Church. I made scribbles here, here, herehere, and here!

But rather than the masses, here’s the best bits that are still running around my head! 

Depth over quantity!
Banish or redefine success; its either influential or institutional!?
The priority and power of the few, invested and nurtured:- the cause of whole-life discipleship
Would I want true friends to encounter Christ at the church environment I am a part of?
Mission is a given in scripture: strategy is open-handed and ever changing.
Don’t strip out obedience: we gut the gospel of power if we do!
Be in the business of building lives…..
Get  clear about what you measure –  what are we are aiming for!?
Influence those you have been given, to then go and  shape the world!
What is running through your veins as a leader?
12 x 12 people – priorities!
2 Corinthians 10 needs my study
Engage more fully with the Acts 17 reality. Know the contemporary mind.
Don’t drift towards soul-neglect. Soul-care is priority!
Intentionality matters.
Think or lose the fight! (in the spirit of Einstein: “It is not that I’m so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer.”)
Lets engage all who we are entrusted with: to whom much is given……
Who are you opening the front door of church for?
Reflect more on what I’m reading
STOP-doing lists!
Church is not about those who are gathered-in as yet. Beware of narcissim
More deep thinking and whole-life engagement
We have to live deep, accessibly and authentically
Don’t aim to make Christians happy – make Christian disciples who will change the world!