Ezra 7 v 1-10 confronts us with the impact of a life who was devoted to God.

see v9:- “The good hand of the Lord was upon me!” What a great life summary. God raised up a godly leader, with exceptional ability and a prepared heart.

Ezra reflects the optimism of deep trust in God, keeping the messianic hope alive. His connection with God was key. The Word of God is foundational to what made him distinctive. His love of God as reflected in scripture is legendary. Its the secret of the his life…....and he was working with only a few of the books of the bible: the bits we rarely go near – our scraps were his feast!

Don’t lose sight of the devotion to God that fuelled Ezra’s life!

Devotion matters……. Acts 2 v 42, Psalms 1 v 1-2, Joshua 1 v 8
Ezra is given to us for our example and encouragement.

So, how is your devotion?
Where is devotion to Jesus in the rhythm of your daily routine?