………and higher with God!

This was the theme of our church weekend at home, this last weekend. Here are some of my scribbles from our session with Adrian Chatfield. ‘Deeper and higher in God’ is always a rightful focus for the hungry follower of Jesus! In the places where it is the best and worst of times, Revelation offers us a powerful and needful reminder that we live before an open heaven.

1 An open heaven is full of unrestrained praise
….everyday stories of Gods grace and goodness are vital fuel for the journey.
We either see the hand of God or the persecuting mentality of an emperor!
We have defaulted to a culture of looking down;- Look up!
Extravagant and wasteful generousity!
Where do you choose to look?

2 An open heaven is full of uncompromising honesty
Own up to ourselves as weak, open and burden. Don’t let church just be about good, nice and polite.
Look up….

3 An open heaven is full of unhurried attention
Seeing God everywhere…..practising the presence of God
Seek and you will find him!
George Herbert, “seeking God in the life of another”….the importance of unhurried attention and redemption:-“The sacrament of the unhurried moment!”

4 An open heaven is full of unusual gifts
The shining on your face……. in all things Christ is reflected in you!
2 Corinthians 3 v 1-3
Gods using you in the here and now, really matters…..so go on celebrate every trace of God in your everyday. Always holding to the truth, that through the cross we are Gods gift to the world.

An open heaven – that is enough!

I felt God impress this most on me: An open heaven means no more fear!