These really matter.

Repentance, confession and faith are a dynamic, often overlooked……and as part of thinking through where we integrate confession in our church gatherings, I was provoked about this. Here’s some of my confessions, inspired by some hymns and liturgical reflection along the way.

I confess God is holy through and through.
I confess that in and of myself I am not holy and in me dwells no good thing.
I confess I cannot make myself holy no matter how hard I try.
I confess Jesus died to make me holy.
I confess I have believed on Jesus so God sees me as holy and at work constantly and surprising, so that I will become more like Jesus.
I confess I sometimes forget He’s done all I need to make me holy.
I confess I still sin and struggle……and will do till I make it home to heaven.
I confess His blood covers all my sin thoroughly and completely, the same way it did the first day I turned in saving faith.
I confess I love Him only because He first loved me!
I confess I want to love Him more.