wherever you are today: desire more!

“I want deliberately to encourage this mighty longing after God. The lack of it has brought us to our present low estate. The stiff and wooden quality about our faith is a result of our lack of holy desire.” A. W. Tozer

1 ‘If we are to better the future we must disturb the present.’ a fresh write-up, on the valuable Sophia Network about the brilliance of Catherine Booth
2 “Being radical for Jesus means obeying Jesus, loving Jesus, and proclaiming Jesus wherever we are, whether that’s in the mission fields of Cambodia or behind the counter at Starbucks!” Don’t be afraid to be boring for Jesus!
3 Peter Rollins provocatively on the contemporary church as addiction
4 10 ways you can fail as a pastor
5 Nehemiah is an all-time favourite book of the bible, yet no church can avoid the nobles of Tekoa.

*my gorgeous niece: Martha in action!