I don’t read enough novels, according to my friends and colleagues! So in a small augmentation to my pattern……I got reading something different. The Terrible Thing that happened to Barnaby Brocket by John Boyne is more-than your average children’s book. Its a 4-star goodie!  

Here is a moving tale of difference and redemption. It’s pacey, engaging and full of principled challenge.

Mr and Mrs Brocket value their normal lives and are determined to stamp out abnormality, particularly Barnaby’s floating at any cost. These values lead the Brockets to do something quite dreadful, the `terrible thing’. It does, however, offer us gritty truth : proving that the brave stand out from the crowd earning something far more valuable than just an easy life.

This book calls out the value of being true and authentically different from everyone else. You don’t have to follow the crowd, you can be yourself and you won’t appear abnormal. Your uniqueness makes you special.

I loved the way Barnaby would forward every kind act that came his way. He never took for granted the help he received and always went out of his way to return the favour. With each new person he met, he took away valuable lessons which helped him to reconcile and love who he was.

This is a wonderful and charmingly written tale that will affect many readers. Courageous and compelling stuff!