His three words

They still devastate, challenge and provoke my life.

Where Jesus says:- “Come Follow Me!”  from Matthew 4 v 19. This still grabs me so very much.  Salvation is a free gift, but discipleship is a costly following. And the invitation is to choose Jesus above all things! That the priority of Jesus might permeate everything I think, say and do.

The revolution of whole-life-discipleship means I realise that Jesus is calling me day and daily. His beckon is consistently to follow Him, as though he was living my life: His Holy Spirit working in me.

The bit that stings me most from my own talk ……what is my speed setting in  my response to Jesus? Those old lumpy-bumpy disciples responded, “immediately!” Matthew 4v20.….I can be so reluctant. I can lack the zeal, the motivation and  be downright sluggish.

I am consistently beckoned by the Holy Spirit, to ‘Come follow Him’. So God might you  make me responsive, more passionate in action more than words in my following after Jesus. For everything good flows from this……

And you’re invited too……