Jesus in John 21, tells us of his interactions with the disciples. What results is a miraculous parable, a calling, a future, and a mission.

1. Go with what Jesus says. Hear and obey……yes, Listen for Jesus and obey! 
2. We meet God when we come to the end of our resources. My way often produces little or nothing: his way results in bursting nets and 153 fish!
3. You have to put the net where the fish are.

‘……a long obedience in the same direction.’

Jesus is our primary business and in our following Him we are called to do things a different way. Left to myself its survival & scarcity, but if I’ll trust the Saviour, His way is abundance. 

Anyhow……here’s some questions following……
1. Why may the disciples have had a difficult time doing what Jesus asked?
2. Why do we sometimes find it hard to obey?
3. What happens when we listen to Jesus and do what he says?
4. Eugene Peterson talks about “a long obedience in the same direction.” Why is this important, and how does this apply to the story in John 21?
5. Why do we often have to come to the end of our resources before we will give God control?
6. How does humility and a teachable spirit help us as we go through difficult situations in life?
7. Many times we overlook the answer because it is too obvious. How can we get better at listening to God so we don’t miss the answer?
8. Has God ever given you an answer that you did not like? Why is it important to obey in those times?
9. We are sometimes willing to do something great, but not something small. Why is that?
10. Read Psalm 51:12 How can you develop a willing spirit?