are not holy things!

I’m really appreciating the new chapter of anglican ministry we are now in. Early in his time as Archbishop Justin spoke at a conference of diocesan lay chairs. He spoke of the inevitablity of leadership circles, and the temptation to go into closed environments where decisions are made. He challenged for openness.

++Justin spoke of many of the big issues in society, but the one that resonated with me was the way that polarisation happens in a culture of mistrust. It is assumed that if one person is in favour of something they must be bitterly against everything else.

“If we start with mistrust, our capacity to cope with events becomes crippled, inadequate, impossible.”

“And if that’s in your mindset, you need to repent, because your job is to set an example of holiness, and mistrust and suspicion is not holy. It won’t do, any more than it’ll do in me.”