Living a transparent life is a choice for all of us. Living behind a veil diminishes the fullness of life. Transparency gives power away; it invites openness and accountability. Initially it takes power, courage and confidence to release the darkness that prevents being transparent.

Transparency on the global landscape is not an end in itself but a needful value towards the effectiveness of aid and justice for all. The IF campaign is a great coalition: yes a truly great coalition teaming together petition and practicalities in a demand for an ending to the scandal of hunger.

Transparency will often be a thing that is left vague, fuzzy or maliciously obscured for wrongful gain. The call for transparency is vital as an approach that underpins all development activity.

Would you:

– Pray and practically petition the UK Government in its presidency of the G8? Pray that there might be a historic push for greater transparency in land acquisitions, a commitment to stop corrupt deals and the establishment of data checks to hold governments and companies to account.

– Ask that God might make you care more deeply.

– Promote openness, integrity and good governance in every place you can.

– Engage your local MP: contact, affirm, enquire and petition!

– Dare yourself to have a conversation every day about this. It’s accessible to all, grow your confidence in talking about this: become an advocate for a truer way!

– Stir up others through your social media connections.

– Ask that God might sharpen your conscience and clarity regarding transparency.

Confession time from me. Every time I bump into the word ‘if’ in scripture, I feel the weight and consequences of choice. Transparency invites an integrity and standard for the now and for eternity. Whether the opposite of transparency is compromise or not, there is a better way.

*a little part of my contribution to the Breathe Network.