Michael Hortons recent discipleship writing, “”the Great Commission actually begins with a great announcement. Before there can be a mission, there has to be a message“.

1 How to prioritise a productive day: dont be a victim to load, speed or artificial efficiency!

2 Richard Rohrs great writing as ever:- ‘Divine love is received by surrender instead of any performance’ 

3 12 ways to preach (like Rob Bell!) without being a heretic!

4 Rachel Held Evans on what moves her to feel ‘ashamed’……..you? 

5  from ++Justin, in the recent reconciliation conference:-

Grace crept into the cracks of the church and began to heal them, and the space for grace was opened by their own knowledge of the love of God. Pope Benedict XVI wrote: “God’s love calls us to move beyond the limited and the ephemeral, it gives us the courage to  continue seeking and working for the benefit of all,”