The God I have come to know loves me as much in a state of disgrace as He loves me in a state of grace, for His compassion is never ever based on performance. It knows no possibility of alteration or change.

Grace is getting what you don’t deserve and not getting what you do deserve.

Grace is the opposite of karma.

Grace is the love of God shown to the unlovely, the peace of God given to the restless, the unmerited favour of God. Grace is free sovereign favour. Grace is unconditional love towards the one who does not deserve it.

Grace is love that cares and stoops and rescues.

Grace is God reaching downward to those in rebellion against him. Grace is one-way love.

Jesus is the fulfillment of the Isaiah prophecy: the bruised reed of your life He will not crush, and the smoldering wick He wont snuff out, until He’s led  your life’s story to victory, and finally home!

Will you let Him love you as you are, and not as you should be?

Just as Brennan used to say: “Cause as they should be.”