Mike Breen says it this way:- “The church is the effect of discipleship, not the cause of it. For most pastors, the operating system is not discipleship, but the church. The problem: the church is not the operating system of Jesus. The Gospel was meant to be simple, but hard. We’ve made it complicated, but easy. “

1 As inspired by Brennan Manning:- “The life of Jesus suggests that to be like God is to show compassion”, Trystan Owain Hughes really helpfully writes on gay marriage and the local church. 
2 please stop it Primark! ‘Habit, convenience and culture will eventually silence conscience.’ More behind the labels from the brilliant Threads.
3 God does not walk on by…….”For I have chosen you and will not throw you away!” David Westlake’s great offering here.
4 +Tim Truro speaks of shaping ministry and vicar-training differently.
5 Verge resources on being practical in mission: lots here!