Dave Harrity’s unique offering ‘On Faith Creativity and the Kingdom at Hand’ is made possible through, Seedbed Publishing.

It’s a creative, inspiring and wise guide towards divine mystery. A helpful settler for the soul. It invites your participation in spirit, thought and voice. It’s a book of devotional meditations and exercises designed for spiritual growth and imagining community differently.

This workbook style title is roomy and invites much reflective re-imagining as to how the kingdom of God is realised in your life. Full of scripture, insight and creativity. This will drive you towards silence, free-thought, meditation and new insight, made possible by the Holy Spirit. It’s fused with lots of creation inspiration stirring the reader to whole-life renewal, reigniting wonder and all contributing towards deeper formation in the pattern of Jesus Christ.

It’s compelling and poetic material that’s structured in a 28-reading pattern with brilliant applied theology, warmth and endless invitation. Devotion, the power of language, love and incarnation are the initial creative forces that are at the heart of this. The creativity is the powerful stuff and the uniqueness of this title is unparalleled.

Harrity won’t let you miss his core thesis: you are created, designed and intentional. So go and live that ‘one beautiful life’ with purpose, delight and joy.